The Michigan Dental Association Foundation is pleased to announce grant applications are now available. Grants are available for both dental health education projects and access to care projects located in the state of Michigan.

Grant Awards

Awards will range from $5,000 – $50,000, on average and span between one and five years, depending on the scope and length of the program/activity request. The number of annual awards will vary.


The deadline for submitting grant requests is May 1 of each year.

Grant Application Guidelines

Applicants and the proposed program must be located within the state of Michigan. Only one application will be considered for each grant cycle.

Successful applicants are required to submit:

  • a six month progress report;
  • a final report describing the outcomes of the program including successes and challenges.

All requests are to be sent electronically to [email protected]Zip files will not be accepted.


NOTE: To save the information you input on the Grant Application, you must first download the form to your computer. Once downloaded, the information you input will be retained when you save it.

About the Michigan Dental Association Foundation

The Michigan Dental Association Foundation is dedicated to building a permanent, lasting legacy of support for individuals and programs designed to provide the people of Michigan with the best dental health environment in the nation. We believe that it is our responsibility to identify, develop and coordinate resources that will ensure optimal quality and progressive dental health care for the people of Michigan who cannot access care the traditional ways.

For questions about the Foundation’s grant program, please email the Foundation or call (800) 589-2632, ext. 458.