2024 Mission of Mercy, Free Dental Clinic Sponsors

The 2024 Mission of Mercy is made possible by the generous support of our donors and sponsors. Donations come in many different forms; clinic equipment, dental supplies, food, security, volunteer t-shirts and scrubs, grants, and individual and corporate donations. The Michigan Dental Association Foundation promotes our sponsors and donors throughout the event by means of social media, local news and radio, various marketing materials such as brochures, posters, yard signs, and other requested means of promotion.

The 2024 list of sponsors is currently being update, please check again later.

Thank you to our 2020 Mission of Mercy Sponsors

Allied Equipment Rental, Inc.; Allison Hile, DDS; America’s Dentists Care Foundation; Andrea J. Sundermann; Andrew Clemes, DDS; ATI Group; Bernadette Herkner; Bernard L McAra; Betty Finkbeiner, RDA; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan; Brian R. Lang, DDS; Carrie L. Lintner, DDS; Cassandra Socia; Catherine Devendorf; Cetylite; Christine Hritz; Conrad Bult; Craig W Spencer, DDS; David Kardynal, DDS; Deborah Spellicy; Dena Altheide; Dickerson Mechanical; Donald K. Nanney, DDS; Dorothy M Broomfield; Douglas L. Schneck, DDS; Drs. Christopher and Mary Chrysler; Drs. Connie Verhagen and Mike Cerminaro; Ecker Mechanical Contractors; Erin, Brett and Derek Incarnati; Extreme Precision Screw Products; Flint Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors Association:; Frances C. Holmes; Francis B. Vedder Society of Crown and Bridge Prosthodontics; Gail Ann Czarnecki, DDS; Genesee District Dental Assistant’s Society; Genesee District Dental Society; Gerald R. Ryan, DDS; Goyette Mechanical Company; Gracie Hightower, CDA, RDA, MA; Greater Detroit Dental Hygienists’ Association; Gwen Graham-Feldkamp; Havel’s Incorporated; Hubert Hintz; Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, LLC; International College of Dentists; Michigan Chapter; James K Cantwil, DDS; Jay A. Werschky, DDS; Jeffrey Dulude, DDS; Jim Williams, DDS; Joelle W. Lewis, DDS; John B. Faust, II, DDS, MS; John J. Schauer, Jr., DDS; John V. Hinterman, DDS; Johnson & Wood; Karen A. Lawson, RDH; Karen L. Pierre, DDS; Kathy Fick; Katie Bannister; Kay Willey; Kevin Doherty; Keystone Industries; Kim P. McPheeters, DDS; King Steel Corporation; Krista Latham; Lakeland Valley Dental Assistants Society; Larry DeGroat, DDS; Laura Grimes; Lawson Printers; Lewis and; Knopf, CPAs, PC; Linda Armitage; Lisa Wakefield; Lori D. Barnhart, CDA, RDA; Lynn R. Neelands; Marilyn G. Jonker; Marilyn M Alvey; Mark Trudell, MD; Martha Stubbs; Martin W. Werschky, DDS; Mary; Michuda; MDA Services, Gloves and Supplies; Meisinger USA, LLC; Melvin J. Flamenbaum, DMD, MS; Michael Maihofer, DDS; Michigan Academy of General Dentistry; Michigan Dental Hygienists` Association; Michigan Paving & Materials Co.; Microcopy; Mindy Schlaud; Patterson Dental; Paula Frolka; Platinum Mechanical; Premier Dental Products Company; Renee A Madaus; Rhea Bateman; Robert L. Goode, DDS; Ryan K. Toth, DMD; Scott T. Stevenson, DDS; Scott VanderVeen, DDS; Shofu; Dental Corporation; Southwest District Dental Society; Stephen G. Goodell, DDS; Stephen Goodell, DDS; Stephen Meraw, DDS, MS; Stephen Michael Mancewicz, DDS; Sterngold; Susan J Smith, MD; Suzan Hatch; Suzanne Webb; Teresa Stacey, RDA; TMI Climate Sol./Miller-Sage; Tracey Beth Epley, DMD, MSEd; Wanda Smithingell; West Michigan Endodontists Dental Staff in Honor of Drs. Hodges, Smith, Robert, Drerup and Guinn; William E. Walter Company; William H. Piper; Yasmin Mikail, DDS.