The Michigan Dental Association Foundation has already held several Mission of Mercy programs, that have providing thousands of Michigan children and adults with much-needed dental treatment.

For a recap of the Foundation’s previous Mission of Mercy programs, click the images below to read about the Mission of Mercy program held that year or click the link to watch a wrap-up video.

2018 Mission of Mercy

The 2018 Mission of Mercy program treated 861 patients, performed more than 6,000 procedures, and provided more than $900,000 worth of dental care. Click the image for the full recap.

2018 Mission of Mercy Recap

2016 Mission of Mercy

The Mission of Mercy program served 968 patients and provided nearly $1 million worth of dental care, with 281 patients returning for additional treatment, making a total of 1,249 patient visits overall. Click the image for the full recap.

2016 Mission of Mercy Recap

2014 Mission of Mercy

Nearly 1,200 MDA members, dental staff, family members, friends and others volunteered at the 2014 Mission of Mercy, where 858 patients were treated and more than 6,000 procedures were provided, resulting in $885,072 in dental care. Click the image for the full recap.

2014 Mission of Mercy Recap

2013 Mission of Mercy

A staggering 7,399 procedures were provided at the 2013 Mission of Mercy, with a value of dental care just more than $900,000. Many patients required extensive treatment, such as root canals and full-mouth extractions. Click the image for the full recap.

2013 Mission of Mercy Recap